Do you understand the optimization potentials of your production?



Data acquisition and evaluation poses enormous challenges for manufacturing companies due to unavailable and inconsistent machine and production data - resulting in unused data and optimization potentials.


We make production data available and understandable, and support the continuous improvement process in companies - with transparent production data and real-time recommendations.


Why us?

Data needs context! At ia:, mechanical engineers, production engineers and IT specialists combine their expertise in innovative solutions.

Easy & quick

With the help of our plug-and-play system we collect all relevant production data within a very short time. In this way, we avoid large capital expenditures for you without clearly recognizable impact.


You can assemble your own solution from our modular construction kit. Whether in our cloud or on your servers, whether retrofitting additional sensors or extracting them from the machine control, whether self-installation or installation by us: we offer you a complete package.

Standard-compliant and enterprise-ready

Our system is designed for the needs of large companies and can be used in larger environments without any problems. We attach great importance to the use of established IT or automation standards.


With our service model, you have no initial capital expenditure. You can test which analyses really deliver impact for you.

Specific & time-saving

We automatically deliver specific recommendations for action with background information. No time-consuming evaluation of vast amounts of handwritten notes or Excel tables.


Data exports and open interfaces enable the integration into the existing IT/OT infrastructure

Data acquisition and evaluation as a service

We analyze production data to create added value! Let's jointly increase your productivity, produce with maximum efficiency and remain competitive.



Included features:

  • Implementation
  • IIoT Edge Gateway
  • Sensor technology and mounting options
  • Data storage in the cloud
  • Standard dashboard for data visualization
  • Basic stop detection via tablet
  • Breakdown of losses of availability
  • Alarms and automatic recommendations for action



All previous features, plus:

  • Customized Dashboard
  • Automatic stop reason detection via sensors



All previous features, plus:

  • Holistic OEE recording


on request

All previous features, plus:

  • Customer-specific evaluations (e.g. on quality, in maintenance or logistics)
  • Installation on customer servers in the cloud or on-premise

Data capturing and analysis

Data acquisition and analysis is carried out with our open and modular building blocks.

Open and modular building block system. We offer complete solutions for various applications. Our smart IIoT edge gateways analyse the collected data and automatically generate recommendations for action. Wide variety of possible data sources available.

Let’s create added value!

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Join the digital revolution! Let us jointly implement your first pilot within a few days.