What if you could offer your product as a service? You have the data - we have the technology.



Data of machines in the field is often locked down and fully unused by machine manufacturers – ignoring the greatest innovation and growth potentials!


You have the data - we have the technology. We bring your data to life by generating actionable and relevant insights to your machine, and enabling full support for your customers!


Our core business - your benefit

Data needs context, we have the background. At ia:, mechanical engineers, production engineers and IT specialists combine their expertise in cutting-edge solutions.

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Condition Monitoring and Machine Health

Compare different machines in the field and plan maintenance tasks based on their condition

Performance Insights and Benchmarking

Receive relevant insights to the performance of your machine - for the right person in the right place at the right time

Remote Diagnosis

Benefit from clear call to actions - no questions needed

Recommendations for action

We support you in troubleshooting and remote diagnosis of your machine

Become a partner

Join our mission to leverage new potentials in the manufacturing industry!

As an OEM, you

  • design manufacturing machines and forward-thinking innovations?
  • want to enable new digital revenue streams and data-driven services?
  • want to push digitalization forward to become and remain best in class?

Your benefit

  • offer new and customer-specific services based on machine insights
  • optimize your machines based on product-usage data by moving your test stand to the field
  • differentiate from the competition by offering innovative digital solutions for your customer
  • set new standards by crossing industry boundaries and leveraging the full potential of your smart, connected machine
  • work with a forward-thinking dynamic team of mechanical engineers, production engineers and IT-specialists

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Let’s cross industry boundaries. Let’s shape the digital transformation of manufacturing.