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Continuous improvement through automated recommendations.

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Automatic recommendations

ia: industrial analytics offers an efficient and scalable solution for the digitalization of new and existing machines. With our IoT-Edge-Gateway we collect production data, process it and automatically generate recommendations for action for continuous improvement.

The production is too complex to be left to the gut feeling

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There are hundreds of ways to optimize production and millions of possible causes for production losses. Data-based decisions are very time-consuming due to missing data or data that is not automatically analyzed.

Confident manager with ia: factoryinsight

ia: factoryinsight automatically analyzes and monitors your production and provides you with clear recommendations - whether you want to increase revenue or reduce costs. Production managers can make data-based decisions.

How it works

Whether old or new machines, we extract and analyse relevant production data.

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Easy & quick

With the help of our plug-and-play system we collect all relevant production data within a very short time. In this way, we avoid large capital expenditures for you without clearly recognizable impact.


You can assemble your own solution from our modular construction kit. Whether in our cloud or on your servers, whether retrofitting additional sensors or extracting them from the machine control, whether self-installation or installation by us: we offer you a complete package.

Standard-compliant and enterprise-ready

Our system is designed for the needs of large companies and can be used in larger environments without any problems. We attach great importance to the use of established IT or automation standards.

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